It seems like the web nowadays is replete with a never-ending supply of online course building tools and training management systems. Clearly, the e-learning industry is booming. People are more eager to learn than ever before, and they are constantly looking for new ways to grow personally and professionally through knowledge creation, sharing and application.

Today, when information is abundant on our fingertips, online training systems help reduce many operating costs associated with a typical classroom-style training, such as travel expenses, venue and catering and learning materials. Companies and individuals involved in training programs increasingly find that the advantages of e-learning greatly outweigh those of traditional classroom-based instruction.

E-learning and content marketing applications showcase tools that allow anyone to easily sell digital products online. Platforms like KajabiLearnDashThinkific and ClickFunnels are facilitating digital entrepreneurs and small e-learning businesses to turn their content into unique digital products, grow their audience and convert potential leads into a high-volume customer base.


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