The Diabetes Freedom Program is a safe and natural way to tackle all your diabetes-related symptoms and difficulties that you have been facing in your daily life. Many people at an old age, feel doleful about amputation and falling into a coma state through surged blood sugar levels.

This is what the whole world has been suffering because they have been listening to the doctors who are either not aware or just lying to you of the fact that diabetes can be reversed.

So to avoid such hindrances, George Reilly created the Diabetes Freedom to solve the sufferings of those human beings who didn’t have hope in life and were helpless with their Type 2 diabetes problem.

The author believes that when we compare any two Type 2 Diabetes patients, whatever symptoms and difficulties they go through will be different.

Even though it is challenging to deal with such issues, the ebook will still be very useful in solving the Type 2 Diabetes problem.

So are you ready to start improving and controlling your overall well-being through the Diabetes Freedom program, then read on and learn every bit of information that I share with you in this review?

How to Customize Diabetes Freedom According to Your Need?

Dealing with an excessive weight problem or high blood sugar level, diabetes can chain you with any possible health deterioration that you can never imagine forcing you to go through a coma, amputation, or even death. Does it panic knowing about the hurdles you have to face when there is no proper attention given and the dangerous medicines prescribed by doctors will only add to your problems than solve?

When comparing two Type 2 diabetes patients, they will be going through unidentical symptoms and health problems in life.

To solve their issues, the manufacturer of this Diabetes Freedom program has allowed a customization plan for patients to answer a few simple questions that will be easier to recognize their symptoms and problems. The questions include your gender, age group, and a little about the issues that you are facing. Based on your answers, a custom-designed program will be made available exclusively for you.

What Is Included In The Diabetes Freedom Package?

The Type 2 Diabetes Freedom Program comes with everything you need to keep your blood sugar levels under control. You get a better insight into what foods you need to add to your daily diet and what foods you need to avoid. It is a perfect dieting strategy so perfect that it will teach you to eat raw stuff in its natural state than modifying it. Let me solve it with an easy example.

It would be healthier to eat orange or pomegranate as natural it is rather than making juice out of it. Because the juice would directly enter the bloodstream, causing a sudden surge in the blood sugar level that might shoot your diabetes level risking the chance of being in a diabetes comma. But you will also learn that when there are the right ingredients added along, there won’t be a sudden rise in the blood sugar level.

  • 10 Days of Diabetes Freedom Super Drinks

The program comes with a selective list of super drinks to help improve your insulin sensitivity and speed up the weight loss process by boosting metabolism. You will be able to achieve exceptional results by trying these delicious drinks for just 10 days.

These drinks contain different ingredients such as phase 2 antioxidants to tackle oxidative stress and block inflammation; detoxifying natural ingredients to increase your energy levels and heal quickly, anti-diabetic spices turmeric and cinnamon that aid you in improving insulin sensitivity, metabolism boosters, dietary fibre-rich carbohydrates, and much more to help your need.

Trying out some of these diabetes freedom super drinks including carrot and tropical food drink, sunshine fruit smoothie, creamy berry super drink, and the green explosion for 10 days will satisfy 50% of your hunger without any doubt.

  • 8 Week Diabetes Freedom Dieting Strategy

Depending on what you are trying to achieve, the program offers you a dieting strategy which is extremely crucial to follow. In this section, we will take you through the 7 methods that the program comes with.

  • Diabetes Freedom Super Drinks: It is recommended that you consume at least two of these drinks per day – one phase 2 drink and one multipurpose drink. These drinks are designed to help you improve insulin sensitivity and boost metabolism at the same time.
  • Phase 2 Antioxidants: Phase 2 oxidants are significantly crucial for keeping oxidative stress at bay and protecting your pancreas cells. These antioxidants also boost the natural antioxidant production in your body.
  • Superfoods: The program provides you with a wide range of superfoods that provide your body with the required nutrition and ability to keep blood sugar levels under control.
  • Carbohydrates: You will also get to have access to high fibre nutrients that come with a low glycemic index. These carbohydrates with a low glycemic index help you to improve your insulin sensitivity while keeping you satisfied.
  • Anti-diabetic Super Proteins: Designed to activate thermogenesis, these proteins enable you to achieve weight loss in no time. For optimum results, you’ll have to choose high-quality protein, though.
  • Anti-diabetic Healthy Fats: The diabetes freedom program also educates you about a wide range of healthy fats that are anti-diabetic and work toward improving your hormonal health. You will also get to experience increased energy.
  • Metabolism Booster Drinks: The best part is that you can also consume the required amount of calories in the form of drinks that are nutritious as well as anti-diabetic.
  • 7 Diabetes Freedom Diet Plan Rules

The program has done an excellent job in terms of creating some rules that help you to stick to the plan for good. While most of the online programs come with calorie-specific diet regimes, Diabetes Freedom comes with rules that are easy to implement and follow along. These 7 rules include keeping a food journal, be cautious while eating out, using condiments to your advantage, exercising, and suppressing cravings with diet.

The 7 Rules include:

  1. Rule1: Your Food Journal
  2. Rule 2: Be Intelligent When Eating Out
  3. Rule 3: Take Advantage of Condiment
  4. Rule 4: Anticipate your Cravings with your Diet and Physical activity
  5. Rule 5: Realistic Exercising Hours
  6. Rule 6: Exercise is fun
  7. Rule 7: Total Daily Tv Time = Sports Time
  • Up to 3 Portions of Anti-diabetic Super Proteins: The first rule is to limit your protein consumption to 3 portions. You will get a list of these proteins that can help you build lean muscle mass and get rid of excess fat at the same time. Some of these proteins include wild salmon, wild cod, liquid egg whites, etc.
  • Up to 4 Portions of Carbohydrates: The second rule involves including carbohydrates in your diet so that it becomes easier for you to keep the blood sugar level under control and improve insulin sensitivity. Enriched with fibre and magnesium, these carbohydrates work as superfoods. Some of these are crushed oats, black beans, kidney beans, and a few more.



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