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Complete Vocal Technique – identification of the complete vocal technique vocal modes




Have you ever wanted to use your voice in any way? With the right approach will be in this situation

Everyone should be trained to survive and excel in their situation.

While the people around you have precise control over the pitch and volume of their throat, you were amazed that it was completely comfortable for them. You thought to yourself, I’m sure you can use my throat! ‘

Or you may find that your profession demands too much on your voice and over time your voice does not do what you want it to do. It can feel horrible and cause a feeling of insecurity in your daily life.

Using your voice the way you want it is not only important for your mental well-being and confidence – it can also be fun.

Now you can really do it!

In this simple, safe and accurate fire method, you do

Increase your voice endurance to speak or sing at large volumes for long periods of time
Learn the basics of healthy breathing techniques
Learn how to protect your voice from stress and repetition

You will learn what to practice; Therefore it is very important that you build the right technique and stamina in your exercise routine throughout the day.

I have developed a ‘Basic Course in Voice Development’ to provide you with the basic techniques and concepts needed to start your voice training.

What does the audio course come with in the basic course in voice development?

You on CD1

Increase familiarity with the structured basis of using your voice in a healthy and consistent way
Learn what is called ‘support’ and how to use your diaphragm to provide this support for your voice
Learn about ‘Twang’ technology and how to use it to protect your voice

On CD2 you will

Get acquainted (gain, obtain) with four methods of composing with the ‘Ocal Complete Vocal Technique’ and apply these vocal techniques in a contextual, loud, soft, weak, sharp, healthy and permanent way to your voice.

If you are looking for crystal clear instructions on sound development, you will never want to get involved with this course, because this is what you are going to get!

If you’re hoping that two weeks of this course will allow you to sing the Knights Aria (from Mozart’s Magic Flute), I’m afraid you will be disappointed. Also, if you are looking for precise instructions on a particular technique or – whether classical or pop – this course is not for you.

In my experience, singing students limit themselves to a certain stylistic direction during their training. The ‘Basic Course’ gives you a singing foundation that works in any style of music.

How important is this whole introduction to singing really? How Much Does a Healthy Voice Cost? Since you can not put a price tag on a healthy tone, the € 140 price seems reasonable.

Instead, I beat myself up with the price of a single, hour-long private lesson with a professional voice instructor and came to 80.

Because the ‘Basic Course in Voice Development’ is new and I hope to reach a large number of interested students, however, I am happy to give it to you for a limited time at the price 24.90 special price.

In voice development (copy the basic course copy) only, 24.90 (a 80 value)

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