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Using Blogs To Bridge To Your Website

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Introducing … Using Blogs To Bridge To Your Website …

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The Importance Of A Bridge Site!

If you’re like most internet entrepreneurs, start collecting various websites or web presentations that can be used to bring traffic back to your site.

Some places like Digg, Facebook or Article Archives make your website a great resource on the internet from ads to specific populations.

However, most third party sites have specific rules about what people can use in their comments, articles and / or biographical information. For example, Ajintrikal does not allow you to return to the sales page and yet, it is at the heart of internet marketing. If you do not try to buy something from someone, you will not be there. So what do you do?

This is where you realize that there are ways to enforce other rules to limit your internet marketing activities, and bridge sites are an important strategy to exploit.

Even when a third party does not forbid you from linking to the sales page, there are times when the link to the sales page only goes like the Facebook page.

In some ways, social networkers rate such an action as “too commercial” and you thus lose credibility. So, again, you want to run the bridge site to make the path smoother.


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